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    with certified homeopathic practitioner Ariel Baradarian, CCH

  • What is Refuah?


    The Hebrew word "refuah" (pronounced reh-foo-ah) is roughly translated as "healing" or "medicine." It refers to the act of healing.


    According to the Kabbalah and other spiritual & healing traditions, refuah is not simply a physical healing. It also refers to the holistic healing of the entire being - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our chronic, physical ailments are generally directly related to more core mental and emotional conflicts that we are challenged with, whether they may have occurred decades ago or even months ago. In the words of the great medieval physician Maimonides: "The passions of the soul greatly alter the body in ways obvious to any observer."


    By healing the pathological core of the person's inner, core dis-ease (and not just the illness or disease), a person attains a true holistic refuah, healing that penetrates the entire essence of what's really asking to be healed.


    This is the goal of homeopathy and of Refuah Homeopathy in particular.


    Homeopathy is a energy based natural system of holistic healing that aims to heal the person as a whole on all levels - psychologically and physically. Click here to learn more about this wonderful and evidence based healing modality.


    Scroll down to learn more about holistic homeopath Ariel Baradarian and how he can help you achieve this life changing goal.



  • About Ariel Baradarian, CCH

    homeopath near me

    Ariel Baradarian, CCH is a board certified holistic homeopathic practitioner and the founder of Refuah Homeopathy.


    Ariel comes from a family legacy of prominent doctors and healers who for decades have practiced and valued integrative medicine - the best of what both conventional and natural medicine can offer. Both the medical and the natural practitioners of the family valued and cherished effective, safe, and holistic approaches to healing, which stuck with Ariel since childhood.


    Infused with this love for integrative medicine, Ariel began his studies and training in homeopathy at the online Resonance School of Homeopathy in conjunction with his college studies.


    After graduating college with a BA Psychology, he transferred to the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World in Brooklyn, NY, where he graduated with top honors. Following graduation, he received he became certified as a classical homeopath by the Council of Homeopathic Certification (CHC), which is the national certification board for homeopaths in the United States.


    Upon graduation, Ariel was invited to work with clients alongside several medical and integrative clinics in the Tri-State Area. Ariel was able to work in settings with both his own private practice as well as with each clinics' patients in providing the best of both homeopathic and other holistic and conventional medicines.


    Ariel is currently practicing homeopathy in Queens, NY as well as offering online telehealth sessions via Zoom. Although clinically trained and experienced to tackle a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical complaints, Ariel specializes in the following areas:


    - anxiety/depression.

    - skin issues.

    - autoimmune disease.

    - general female and hormonal health.

    - digestive/gut health.



    In addition to homeopathy, Ariel implements nutritional and other natural supplemental treatments to provide nutritional and dietary support while undergoing homeopathic treatment, giving clients a 1-2 punch in reaching health and resonance quickly and more effectively!


  • Online Telehealth Sessions
    Bringing Holistic Healing Globally

    Can't make it to the office in Queens, NY? No problem!
    Ariel Baradarian offers online homeopathic consultations and wellness support online using video chat platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more.
    Whether you live in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or even Antarctica, you can sit back in the comfort of your own residence and receive homeopathic care and care with the use of a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other video camera device.
    Avoid the drive and waiting room, and experience the same exact clinical setting without the logistical hassles.
    Jumpstart your virtual healing journey today!

  • Testimonials

    names shown as desired by respective clients and others

    T.B. from Alpine, New Jersey

    For years, I had extreme anxiety and couldn't stop repeating words over and over again during my prayers. I also had skin fungus for an even longer period of time. Thank G-d, Ariel was able to not only help me relax and empower me to control my anxiety, but he has also been able to start getting rid of my foot fungus, which no conventional medicine was able to do. Thanks Ariel!!!!

    R.B. from Great Neck, New York

    I had tough emotional and mental issues ingrained in me since I was in first grade as well as chronic pain gripping the left side of my body. After just one 45 minute session and a week of treatment with Ariel, I felt more confident, happy, and empowered (kinda like Superman) and my pain vanished...Ariel is one of the best out there!

    Yossi from New Jersey

    Several months ago, I came to Ariel mainly for anxiety and stomach burning sensations. After seeing me and giving me a remedy, the burning went away and I was able to control my anxiety better...even until this very day.

    Rabbi Ben Kaniel from Great Neck, New York (client asked for name to be revealed)

    For 4 years, I had consistent cellulitis reactions on my leg, which were very severe. I tried steroid creams, medications, everything I could fine-but nothing worked. I finally bumped into Ariel who offered to help me. Baruch Hashem, after I had my first session, I haven't had a single cellulitis reactions since. I can't thank Ariel enough for helping me!

    U. Cohen from Passaic, New Jersey

    I was very impressed by Ariel's analysis of my situation and his knowledge of how to apply homeopathy to cure me of my ailments. Among other areas, he got rid of my eczema on my hands & fingers that lasted for about 7 years.

    Sophie from Englewood, New Jersey

    Ariel Baradarian is an excellent homeopath. Through being so spiritual and close to the Source, and his absolute kind, caring and huge heart, Ariel manages to deliver miraculous remedies to his patients. Ariel is a professional who seeks for your remedy , not only from the books but most important from the higher power. I am talking from personal experience. Ariel spends so much of his time to get to the roots of your problems. I feel very lucky to know Ariel.

    Alan from Tenafly, New Jersey

    Ariel is a young, new leader in our community both secularly and spiritually, a real contributor. I highly recommend him for his amazing ability to use homeopathy to help others.

    Z.B. from Alpine, New Jersey

    For several months now, Ariel has helped me overcome a variety of mental, emotional, and physical difficulties. Every time I have a injury, he is always there to help with a smile on his face. I definitely recommend Ariel to anyone serious about taking control of their health.

    RZ Ruchlamer from Teaneck, New Jersey

    BH- Last week I suffered from an attack where I was having difficulty breathing from some complications of a respiratory infection I was dealing with. This amazing young man talked me through my ordeal and I know his help and support really really made a difference. I will always be grateful! Thank you so much Ariel Baradarian. Kol Hakovod for all your great work!!!! 😃 😃

    Kalyani C. from Corpus Christi, Texas

    Ariel is a wonderful homeopath. He is very patient and detail oriented in his consultations. He is also very prompt and easily accessible for any questions. He helped our family very much with his Homeopathic treatment. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon his site online! Thank You Ariel!

    Flavia Lanza from Newark, New Jersey (client asked for name to be revealed)

    Ariel is a great professional. He cares about patients. I'll highly recommend him. Thank you Ariel for your help!

    Dr. Daniel Khodadadian, MD - New York Eye Care & Surgery

    Ariel Baradarian is both a friend and a colleague in the medical field, and I highly recommend him on account of his professionalism, as well as having a caring and wonderful personality.

    T.A. from Detroit, Michigan

    "I'm back in my body. My soul has a home, I feel normal, expansive, and I can finally think inside the box! I am serene and more free than ever before. Ariel, thank you from the bottom of my heart - I. love. living!

    Annette Craig from Medina, Ohio (client asked for name to be revealed)

    Ariel uses his mind, heart and soul to help you through your journey of healing within! He is very easy to talk to and really does understand that every feeling is connected to one's ailment. We get so lost inside ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally and he will help you find the key that unlocks the healing light/power within you. I went to feeling as if my body was falling apart to opening up like a beautiful flower. My hair falling out, scalp, hormones, thyroid, skin boils (liver) to horrible circulation are just a few things that were going array in my body.


    Ariel will teach you how to pick up your pieces and put them together again. Everything from boils to circulation issues has improved! You have to spiritually take a few steps backwards to forgive yourself and move forward with love. Ariel will help you on your journey to self love and physical healing. He does not rush you through it and allows time needed for you both to figure out and walk through it with courage!


    Ariel will teach you how to pick up your pieces, figure it out, And walk forward with courage!

    David Storfer from Teaneck, New Jersey (client asked for name to be revealed)

    It is great! Ariel rocks! I am overjoyed to see the new positive energy flow in my life!

    Dr. Michael Basista, MD - Founder & Chief Medical Director of Immedicenter

    I have known Ariel for many years and watched him grow into a responsible, hard working, and honest professional. I am encouraged at his thoroughness in his practice. Any client of Ariel will receive excellent care and advice.

    Shira B. from Baltimore, Maryland

    I’ve had terrible eczema on my hands that always got worse when pregnant. I couldn’t get my hands wet or touch most food so without my hands swelling, getting intensely hot and itchy. The tops of my hands were cracked and scabbed, bleeding and oozing. I was referred to Refuah Homeopathy and found that my money was well spent. Ariel is compassionate and thorough, while also easy to talk to and relatable. He answered the questions I had for him, gave me reading material when I needed something more than his word, and followed up our conversations with emails or texts to keep things moving along. The remedy he told me to take must have worked cuz my hands are clear, my skin is fresh and soft, and are not having allergic reactions to everything around. I moisturize them maybe once a day now and some days I totally forget and it’s fine. It’s been almost 6 years since I can do that!! In the past, the only way to tame the eczema was to be on very strict diet with uber amounts of probiotics and no flour. It’s too hard to keep that type of lifestyle up during childbearing years so I needed another option. Thank you Refuah Homeopathy for giving me that other option.

    R.F. from Asbury Park, New Jersey

    I highly recommend Ariel. He is easy to talk to, and is highly skilled in selecting remedies to improve your health. He is a homeopath worthy of your trust. Ask him to show you his Forked Stream Award!

    N.K. from Queens, New York

    Refuah Homeopathy has been helpful to at least several people that referred them to me! I received very good and constructive advice. Great care and a must see!

    D.W. from Brooklyn, New York

    Ariel is as kind as professional as anyone out there. I would recommend using him.

    Anjali Kumar from Manhattan, New York (client asked for name to be revealed)

    Ariel is a very kind, approachable and professional homeopathic consultant. I have only had 2 visits with him so far, but felt improvement after the 1st visit and first dose of homeopathic medicine. I can't wait to see how things progress.


    Ariel treats the patient's broader 'issues' and doesn't want to simply fix an acute issue, but rather focuses on what is causing the acute symptoms/issues. I have started to heal physical issues that I have had for several years with just one dosage and one visit.


    Ariel would be a great choice for a homeopath!!

    Dani B. from Great Neck, New York

    I highly recommend Ariel for homeopathic care!

    Anonymous from Great Neck, New York

    Ariel is a terrific holistic practitioner! He is completely non-judgemental, warm, caring, and always there for you when you need him. He is also very attentive and always available to speak to.


    Above all, he successfully addressed a wide variety of my mental, emotional, and physical ailments that other doctors couldn't treat!


    Thank you Ariel!

    Khandaker Rasel K. from Forest Hills, New York (client asked for name to be revealed)

    Mr Ariel is a very nice and gentle guy. He ask every detail of patient before prescribing the right medicine.He is very polite , methodical and knowledgeable. He is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for Homeopathic treatment.​

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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do appointments last for?

    Initial appointments generally last an hour and a half. Depending on the needs of the client, they can be a minimum of an hour or a maximum of two hours.


    Follow-up appointments generally last anywhere between 10 minutes - 45 minutes depending on several factors, including the progress of the client.

    Is homeopathy the same as herbal medicine or Chinese medicine (TCM)?

    Absolutely not! Homeopathy is a separate system of natural healing that works differently from other natural and holistic therapies. Click here to learn more.

    How much do you charge for an appointment? Do you take insurance?

    Please call (646) 596-1884 regarding fees and discounted package plans.


    As a growing homeopathic practice seeking to ease the financial difficulty of receiving high quality natural and holistic care, Ariel currently takes insurance for members of the Salvation Army via Chesterfield Resources. With that being said, we encourage all interested, new, and current clients to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement. Some of our clients have already done so and are already being highly reimbursed for homeopathic care. Ariel Baradarian, CCH also recommends clients to submit claims to their respective insurance companies in order to help support the integration of homeopathy and holistic medicine in general into the mainstream healthcare system.


    In addition, Ariel is currently seeking to accept more qualified insurance programs into his practice.


    Aside from insurance, Ariel offers other alternative reimbursement options as well, such as:



    In addition to the above options, Ariel can generally accept reimbursement using your Health Savings Account (HSA), your Health Flexible Savings Account (FSA), or your Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) which may require a letter of medical necessity (LMN) from a medical doctor or naturopathic doctor.


    For any other questions or concerns regarding payment, please call or send a message via the contact form below.

    Is homeopathy safe for children and the elderly?

    Yes! In fact, Ariel has extensive experience in working with chronic and acute ailments in both children and adults using homeopathy. Discounts may be offered for both children and seniors.

    What if I can't come to your office?

    No problem! Video chat consultations are available to all clients and is very easy to set up. In addition, home and office visits are also available as well.

    Will homeopathic remedies interfere with any medications or supplements that I am taking?

    In general, homeopathic remedies do not interfere with conventional or natural medicines. The only substances that can negate the effects of homeopathic remedies are herbal products with strong odors as well as recreational drugs. Those should be avoided as much as possible while undergoing homeopathic care.

    Are homeopathic remedies kosher? Can they be taken on Passover?

    Homeopathic remedies are generally kosher for use throughout the year. However, the use of homeopathic remedies over Passover (especially in dry pellet form) is more complex as some brands of remedies have potentially questionable leaven ingredients. Click here to learn more about the issues that arise regarding the kosher status of homeopathic remedies during Passover and beyond. For a final halachic decision, please consult with your local Orthodox Rabbi.

    Do homeopathic remedies have side effects?

    Absolutely not! Homeopathy is safe and gentle and works with the body, not against it. If a correct remedy is prescribed, it will ignite a positive reaction that will jumpstart your healing process; if not, then you will not be affected at all.

    Are you a homeopathic pharmacy? Do you provide/sell homeopathic remedies?

    Ariel Baradarian, CCH does not sell homeopathic remedies, but he does offer drop-shipping services for purchasing homeopathic remedies, CBD oil, and other natural health products. Please call (646) 596-1884 for more details.

    Does homeopathy work for animals and pets?

    Absolutely! In fact, there are clinical studies proving homeopathy's effectiveness in treating psychological and physical ailments in animals. Discounts may be offered for animal/pet consultations.

    How quickly should I expect to see results from homeopathic treatment?

    Because of the fact that every individual is different and various factors come into play when undergoing homeopathy such as obstacles to cure, environment, lifestyle conditions, the severity of one's complaint(s), there is no generic answer for this question. Depending on the individual and their circumstances, some clients in Ariel's practice have experienced genuine healing within 1-2 months; some did not see healing until weeks or months later.

    How often do I need to schedule an appointment with Ariel?

    After your initial appointment, it is recommended to schedule a follow up appointment at least 4-6 weeks after taking your prescribed remedy. Depending on how much progress is made in terms of healing, visits may either be recommended after a period shorter or longer than 4-6 weeks or discontinued if there is either tremendous, longterm healing or if a referral is suggested.


    In short, Ariel's goal is to provide less visits and more safe, gentle, effective, and long lasting healing for all of his clients.

  • Contact Ariel Directly!

    To see if Ariel's holistic services are right or you, or to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below...

    112-15 72nd Road
    Suite LL4
    Forest Hills, NY 11375
    Sun: 10:30am-5pm

    Mon & Thurs: 9:30am-7pm

    Friday: 9:30am-2:00pm

    Please schedule an appointment before coming to the office.
    (646) 596-1884